Why Choose Chain Link Fencing?


From a functional perspective, chain link fencing has always been a very viable option. Although perhaps not as appealing as some wood, vinyl or aluminum fences, chain link fencing does provide utility at a very affordable cost.. Unlike chain link fences of decades ago, today's chain link fences offer a wide variety of custom colors, styles and coatings. Another advantage of chain link fences is its effectiveness for covering large areas such as construction yards, playgrounds, airports and commercial or government compounds. We keep a standard supply of material on hand and offer a variety of gauges and heights. Let WGCF provide you with chain link fencing and have it done right the first time. Your fence will be installed by experienced professionals, ensuring a finished product that will provide years of trouble-free service.

For commercial applications, chain link fencing is a low-cost and effective method of securing a job site or other sensitive areas from vandalism, theft and other destructive or harmful activities. Additionally, various forms of signage, such as notices, safety information or even advertising, can easily be fastened to chain link fencing without damaging the mesh. Another notable advantage of chain link fencing is its transparency. While providing a barrier of protection, a chain link fence still adds the ability to survey the surroundings of your location, and leaves a clear line of site to help deter vandals and thieves.


For residential use, chain link fencing is ideal for safely containing the family pet, or for providing that extra layer of protection for children as they run and play in the yard. Peace of mind is what you can expect from beginning to end with West Georgia Custom Fence.



What are the Benefits of Chain Link Fences?


  • Ease of Installation
  • Low Cost
  • Various Sizes, designs, and colors
  • Does not obscure sunlight
  • Durable
  • Maintenance Free

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